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Creating a Romantic Atmosphere with Kinetic Lighting

September 23rd, 2010

kinetic lightingTorches or candles are examples of kinetic lighting. The light was dim and create shadows that make the atmosphere so unique space.

The more interesting when the light from candles or torches were moving, the shadows had come to move. This movement is called the lighting that makes both kinetic (kinetic lighting). In a book called Lighting, saying that a soft glow, and its moving, dramatic and apt to bring a romantic ambience.

Kinetic Lighting is used to create a different atmosphere. For example, instead of the way to a restaurant for candle light dinner, make yourself at home. Most importantly it comes from the romantic atmosphere of candlelight.

Relaxation on the weekends as well we can do at home, take advantage of this kinetic lighting. Use aroma therapy candles. Put in the bathroom. Taking a bath, accompanied by dim light, and a soothing scent. Imagine how much fun.

Is kinetic lighting can only be obtained from candles light and torches? Artificial light or lights can also be used. Some lamp manufacturers make similar lights flickering candle light is moving. If you do not want to be bothered, can use this light. But, the results are still not as nice as the original candle light.

Quoizel for Your Lighting

July 7th, 2010

For centuries, people in all over the world have used the lighting in their homes as a part of their home decoration. You can find large chandelier hanging in the ceiling of beautiful palace from the last centuries. You certainly want to follow this home decorating idea. You don’t have to hang a large chandelier in your living room. A small piece of lighting in modern design will be perfect for your modern house.

Whether you need modern or classic lighting, Quoizel always has the perfect design for your house and is the right place to get the offers. You can search on this website to find the design that you like. All the best offers from Quoizel lighting are available in here. A few minutes on browsing the collection will give you the best lighting for your house.

Moreover, you can also enjoy great price for your lighting. Quoizel always ensures that you get the best design at the lowest price. It surely becomes an offer that you can’t miss. You simply pick your Quoizel lighting and put it in your shopping cart. Whether it’s a chandelier or a small hanging lamp, you will have it delivered safely to your address.

Lighting Solution For Your Home

June 22nd, 2010

If you find out that your interior design looks dull and old, just try to replace the lighting with the new one. This is because the right lighting can give great impact on your room design.

To help you enhance the look of your room with the right lighting, some famous names in the lighting industry offer the best lighting for you. Focarini and Kichler are two brands that always come with unique design on their lights. Another famous name is the George Kovacs; this brand accentuates the modern touch on their lighting with some interesting features.

The detail information about the lathing solution can be found at Here, you can get the best lighting at a price that you would love.

Choose the Lighting with Right Index on Protection

May 20th, 2010

IP-lampWorried to put the light on the wet areas, such as a bathroom? No need anymore. Now there are lights specifically made for areas like this.

Adjusting the lighting for areas that are often exposed to water splashes, it is often inconvenient. The reason is seemed too risky if we need to place the lamp in such areas. Splashing water can broke the lamp, and dangerous to the health and safety.

Nowadays electronic technology allows all matters relating to the arrangement of lighting in a bathroom can be realized safely. Now available in market, type of lamp that includes protection against splash water and dust.

Actually that lights are not much different with the lights in general. Both types of lights and designs. You can choose many design options which beautiful, unique, and even luxury. The difference lies in its protection, against dust and splashing water. Protection is characterized by the Index of Protection (IP) of dust and water.

IP consists of two numbers. These number show the level of protection provided against an object, from external interference. The first digit indicates protection against dust and other solids material. While the second number indicates protection against liquids.

Well, lights for wet areas usually have a number of IP 54. Number 5 means the lights are protected from dust. Figure 4 means the lights are protected from splashing water from all directions. With the guarantee of such protection, no longer need to worry about putting lights in wet areas. So the Sink or shower area can also lit by the lamp.

Designing the Garden Lamp Installation

March 13th, 2010

garden-lampsGarden lamps may not be important thing. But from its function, the light can create interesting atmosphere in your garden.

Designing a garden lighting requires fidelty and imagination. Special expertise is not needed, unless you want to arrange garden lights with high difficulty level.

It is classified as difficult, if the number of light points was more than three, or if the garden area was very large and need many lighting angles.

For a small garden, garden lighting can be done by yourself. The most important of the arrangement of light in a small park is the choice of lighting, security, cabling installation, and determine the point you want to lit.

Use low voltage lamp
For outdoor purposes such as garden, use lights and house lights with water resistant specifications. The types of lamp can be incandescent or phosphorescence lamp. Lamp and house lamp are usually made with particular specification, so resistant to splashes of water and therefore not easily shorted.

There are Garden lighting devices with low voltage (12 volts) and high voltage (220volt). The best choice depends on the needs. For security reasons, you should select the garden lighting device with low voltage, especially if the lights will be placed in the water. This prevents a fatal accident if there is current leakage. Low voltage have small potential to harm the body and cause a fire.

Cable matter is also important. Use the appropriate cable. Choice of cable types is important because it related to the supply voltage electrical energy. The longer the cable, the greater the chance of drop voltage. For small garden with little number of light points, you can use fibers or wire cable with size 1 mm2. Large Garden requires a longer cable, it is better to use a 1.5 mm2 cable wire. Hope this information can helps.

Choosing Lampshades

March 11th, 2010

It is true that lampshades are made to accentuate the lamps whether it is a ceiling, lamp, table lamp or floor lamp, but we have to remember that on choosing the lampshades we should not remove the function of lamp in the room. Therefore, on choosing the lampshades make sure that we consider both aesthetic function of lampshades and the function of the lamp. Here are some tips to help us finding the perfect lampshades.
First, we have to make a measurement. No matter what our lamp type, we have to choose lampshades that cover at least two- third of our lamp. With that way, the light of the lamp can still spread to the room and we will get perfect sized lampshades. Second, we have to think about the lampshades diameter. We can determine the perfect diameter by looking at the lamp location. Make sure that we are not choosing too wide diameter for lamps that are located in a high traffic area.
Last, but not least, we have to choose the perfect color and pattern. On the choosing process, make sure that we adjust it with the decoration and the wall paint, so our lampshades will not look odd. Playing with texture and pattern can be a good idea, but we have to adjust it with our other decorations and whole room atmosphere.

Designing the lighting needs in the home

December 28th, 2009

Each home may have different lighting needs. every house and even to each room that does not require the same illumination. Lighting needs good planning. See interior photos in magazines or the internet, often comes the desire to apply it at home. Not only but also of spatial arrangement of light.

Different styles and habits of peoples in the house, determine what kind of lighting is required. example the family room, some people take advantage of the family room is not just a family gathering area. Reading, watching television, rarely even doubled as the living room. Now, for each activity was, required different lighting. To read the example, you need to add a reading lamp. One fruit lamp, placed in the ceiling, can be said enough.

Unlike the case with room to accommodate many activities in it. In such rooms, chances are you have to provide more light, for each activity.